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Safety is a mindset and a culture! 

With this understanding all employees of Metal Source sign a Safety Pledge that consist of the following commitments & promises in regards to safety: 

  • Each employee is committed to complying with all Health & Safety Programs as well as all Policies and Procedures related to Health & Safety.
  • Each employee will consider their own safety as well as their co-workers safety in every decision that is made.
  • Each employee's goal is to complete their job duties in a safe and efficient manner to the best of their ability.
  • Each employee promises to report any and all safety issues to their supervisor as well as complete safety suggestion sheets whenever they believe there may be a safety hazard.
  • Each employee will do their part to promote safe work practices and to ensure that Metal Source is able to serve its customers and produce high-quality products in a safe and efficient manner.

In performing their job duties all employees will remember the...


"Order of Importance"

1. Safety

2. Housekeeping

3. Production